1) How soon can Digi-Tell be live?
Digi-Tell is usually up and running within 48 hours.

2) Can I customise Digi-Tell? You can choose different sizes and shapes of image, the look of Digi and the colour of the button.

3) What do I actually add to the school’s website?
An image from our catalogue. These link to your school’s unique page on our website which is where pupils fill in a short form.

4) How much is Digi-Tell?
The Digi-Tell service is free for all state-funded UK primary schools.

5) Why is Capital Learning Ltd running Digi-Tell?
Capital Learning Ltd is a leading provider of Primary School Leadership resources. After conversations with primary school colleagues bemoaning the lack of a service like Digi-Tell, Capital Learning created this service and offered it nationally. Every staff member of Digi-Tell and Capital Learning Ltd is successfully DBS checked and all have experience in primary education.

6) How confidential is Digi-Tell? All reports are sent to any email address you provide. It is up to our partner schools to ensure that these email accounts are secure. We do not monitor these submissions nor do we keep any record of them.